Stay Safe Online

Breaking the Silence urges you to stay safe online and strongly recommends that anyone interested, or concerned regarding technology facilitated abuse visit The SmartSafe website

SmartSafe Logo - Stay Safe Online

This website was developed by the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria (DVRCV) as part of a suite of tools and responses to technology-facilitated abuse in Australia. It aims to support education and awareness around the positive use of technology for those experiencing violence. This project, funded by Victoria Legal Aid, focused on how perpetrators were using technology to stalk and abuse women in the context of domestic violence. It included surveys with domestic violence sector workers, and victim/survivors, focus groups, and interviews. A training course and resources, such as how-to videos and Easy Guides  were also developed. The SmartSafe website has since expanded to include a suite of technology safety tools, including their website, a smartphone app, annual survey and other research projects.

Technology can be an important way to connect with our family, friends and community. – Women have a right to use technology freely and safe from abuse.

Unfortunately these technologies are also targeted as a tool of abuse by perpetrators seeking to stalk and abuse women. Technology-facilitated abuse is a growing issue in Australia.

You will find many valuable resources including; advice for family and friends resources, WA specific legal advice on cyber-crime including legal guide to violence restraining orders, legal guide to surveillance legislation and legal guide to relevant criminal offences.