Vision, Mission & Purpose

Our vision – By 2021 we will have the profile, funding and capacity to offer assistance to any person living in an abusive relationship in regional Western Australia.

Our mission – We believe that every person in a relationship should feel safe, respected and free from any form of violence or oppression.

Our Purpose – Breaking the Silence is a unique and innovative organisation that addresses the complex issue of abusive relationships in rural and remote areas by providing readily accessible advice and services to assist people to live meaningful and safe lives.

We focus on the delivery of online advice and localised confidential support to people who are traumatised by abusive relationships.

Through caring, trained professionals we provide people with access to the tools needed to enhance their lives & personal safety, whilst advocating for positive social change for current and future generations.

Who We Support – Any person impacted by an abusive relationship in rural regional and remote Australia. –

  • The web hub allows access to services relevant for individuals and families experiencing the many facets of domestic violence – Locally focused services, relevant and accurate information.
  • The web hub will be easy to use.
  • The web hub will be simple to access.